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  • How energy efficient new-build homes can help you save money and the environment

4 September 2018

Over the last decade, and more so in the last few years, successive governments have shown interest in the energy efficiency of homes by introducing various environmental policies and regulations for the home building industry to follow. This has meant developers and builders across the country have been working hard to build new homes that meet the demands of discerning home buyers and modern-day living as well as maximising energy efficiency thanks to modern technology and building materials. 

Nearly 30% of the energy used in the UK is used by households, so by building newer, more energy efficient homes it can reduce the usage, and alleviate the pressure on the country’s wider infrastructure, and subsequently the environment. There are also significant benefits for the homeowners as their homes are now warmer, healthier, better for the environment and most importantly, cheaper to run than an older property would be; saving nearly £700 a year on energy bills according to research carried out by the Home Builders Federation (HBF).

What goes into a new-build home to make it energy efficient?

Cavity Wall Insulation
New builds are typically constructed using cavity wall construction that consists of two ‘skins’ of masonry with a cavity between them that prevents damp from getting into the inner skin. The difference between older properties and new-build homes is that the cavity between the skins in a new-build is insulated, leaving it up to six times more efficient than properties built using 1960’s materials. 

Controlled Ventilation
New-build homes are designed to limit undesigned ventilation; a good indicator of good workmanship. By having a designed ventilation system or even a specialist mechanical ventilation with heat recovery system it can reduce heat loss, improve the energy efficiency of the home and control the environment for the homeowner.

Double Glazing with Argon Gas
Older houses may have had double glazing fitted but the best new-builds will have double glazing filled with argon gas, which lets the sun in but reduces heat loss making it twice as efficient as mid1990’s double glazing. This could save a homeowner £80-£110 per year compared to a single glazed house. Plus, external doors are tightly fitted and sealed to prevent draughts and heat loss.

Roof Insulation
New-build homes have high levels of roof insulation and are designed to achieve a minimum level of thermal performance and insulated to the required standard.

Condensing Boilers
Standard in any new-build home, a condensing boiler captures heat and energy which would be wasted by older boilers as they simply eject as exhaust gases. As 80% of home energy is used to heat rooms and hot water this, along with modern-standard insulation can make a big difference to what homeowners pay for their power bill. 

Energy Efficient Appliances
Many new-build homes come with appliances which are A* or A rated, such as brand-new efficient fridges and dishwashers. Homes will also be fitted with energy efficient light bulbs such as LEDs, which can save up to £35 per year compared to halogen bulbs in the home.

Using the latest technology and building materials all of these changes can make a big difference to your property; helping you reduce bills, save money and lower your household carbon footprint. 

Having an energy efficient house is just one of the many great reasons for buying a new-build. If you’re looking to make a move, there’s never been a better time to buy a new home.

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