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Sustainable New Homes

Are you looking to save money and reduce your impact on the planet at the same time?

New homes offer a direct way to reduce energy bills thanks to modern, energy-efficient heating systems and the latest insulation methods. The combination of style, space, and sustainability makes today’s new homes even more attractive.

Increased insulation thickness, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, double glazing, electric vehicle chargers and solar or PV panels feature in many of today’s new homes.

The race for improved EPC ratings demonstrates just how important today’s homebuyers value sustainability credentials.

Did you know?

All new homes sold by Henry Adams New Homes in 2021/22 have Energy Performance Certificates with the highest energy efficiency ratings of A or B.

Double glazing filled with argon gas helps to keep out the cold and captures the warmth of the sun.

A-rated appliances in our new homes help keep running costs low - saving you energy, water and money. They look stylish too!

Open spaces feature on almost every development to encourage nature to thrive as well as provide space to bring communities together.

The natural world is known for boosting mental and physical well-being. So new developments have extra landscaping and retain as many mature trees as feasible to benefit both the environment and new residents.

Developers are introducing sustainable methods of construction too, focusing on their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) corporate goals to enhance our surroundings & our communities.

An extra ‘welcome home’ for wildlife can often be seen at new developments. Look out for batboxes, hedgehog tunnels, bee bricks and areas of wildflower meadow which increase biodiversity, enabling birds, animals and insects to thrive.

At Henry Adams New Homes, we’re committed to taking positive steps toward becoming ever more sustainable. We continue to review and adapt everything we do in order to help protect our shared environment for a better future - for everyone.

Going greener - the Henry Adams New Homes way

Here at Henry Adams New Homes, we all want to play our part in looking after our planet. By reviewing and adapting everything we do during the course of our work, we can help by reducing our impact on the environment. As individuals, we also want to be kinder to the world around us.

These are just some of the sustainability practices we’ve introduced:

Our ‘print less’ approach means we think twice before printing anything, reducing paper usage and saving electricity

We use sustainable products, such as envelopes made from recycled paper

LED lightbulbs have been installed wherever possible to reduce energy usage

Using our recycling bin means paper can be reprocessed

We each have a Henry Adams refillable water bottle to help us cut down on plastic waste

Clothes we no longer need are donated to charities and rescue centres to support their fundraising and give clothes another lease of life

By taking part in organised beach cleans along the coast, we can help keep our oceans a little bit cleaner

Each year we put together donations for the Shoe Box Appeal for families in need

Together, we’re committed to taking positive steps toward sustainability, both in the office and as individuals. Let’s make the world a better, healthier place for generations to come.


David Adams

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