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The inside story on new homes marketing by Martin Leggett

13 May 2022

I thought I knew exactly what new homes specialists do - or don’t do - when it comes to new homes marketing. 

After all, I’ve worked with many of them over the years in my previous roles as Head of Sales & Marketing at Barratt – David Wilson Homes. Those experiences had not always been great, to say the least. 

But having jumped over to the other side when I joined Henry Adams New Homes in February, it’s been quite an eye-opener. I really had no idea of the depth of work the new homes team here puts into every single enquiry, every single day. 

I thought I’d share a few of my discoveries here. I hope it shows some of my developer friends that there may be more to new homes estate agency than first appearances can suggest. And there’s definitely much more to Henry Adams than I realised! 

High street office plus new homes expert

There’s a dedicated new homes sales expert based in our key residential sales offices, wherever there are new homes instructions nearby. Both teams enjoy working alongside each other for a bit of healthy competition. But perhaps more importantly, they’re making sure that every enquiry, that could possibly result in a new homes site visit or reservation, is fully explored.  

In the world of new homes, we all know that selling off-plan requires unique sales skills. So Henry Adams puts those skills right on the front line, where they make the most impact. 

I’ve been astonished at how much everyone at Henry Adams knows about our new homes instructions. That means we have a lot, and I mean a lot, of experts picking up the phones, making the right calls and nudging those enquiries in the right direction. Enhancing the journey, encouraging the next step towards reservation, on every development, every day.

We think like a developer

Social media to sell new homes 

Our in-house marketing team is constantly thinking up new approaches to get new homes in front of new buyers. We look at it as whetting their appetite, whether that’s through a video of a stock plot available, or sparking their interest with the benefits of buying new in our newsletters and e-shots to a database of 100s of would-be buyers. 

I didn’t realise the strategy that lies behind social media platforms either. And because the posts are all managed through this office, we know what types of posts work best with our followers and we can keep a close eye on engagement. 

PR, case studies and testimonials 

There’s nothing that makes our role - or yours - more rewarding than fantastic customer feedback. We can call on our expert property writer who specialises in new homes to interview happy customers on behalf of our developer clients. Their detailed testimonials can then be used on your website and our marketing. 

First-hand experiences are so valuable in telling a great story about what our clients' new homes are really like, what the buying process is like, and why they chose your development. Storytelling is incredibly reassuring for people thinking about buying a new home too. 

Research for the right results

Now we can all use Google. But decisions about land buying and pricing new homes before they hit the market needs a little more precision. 

Instead of relying on land registry data that is at least a few months old, we deal in the here and now. We make sure we know what’s happening with your competitors, the specifications and sales rates and prices. Henry Adams New Homes keeps on top of things to an astonishing degree. 

Then a lot of work goes into each research project. But then we just put the key facts in front of our clients. 

Developers are busy people. So we don’t pad out our marketing recommendations with loads of waffle. Having the experience in our team that only comes from working directly with the likes of St George and Barratt, we understand what developers really want to know, what matters. And that’s what we give you - practical guidance based on in-depth market knowledge. 

Referral instructions get the full sales treatment 

I’d always assumed that new homes specialist would give a second rate service to a referral instruction rather than their full-service instruction. But amazingly, I was wrong. 

Everyone at Henry Adams seems to make it their business to search out buyers for each development we are selling. Having local office Partners invested in the business means they make it their business to know what’s going on and make the most of every single instruction. I’ve got to say, it’s a pretty impressive approach and it gets results. 

The heart of new homes

Henry Adams has a lean but very specialist new homes team. We’re all based in Chichester but more usually, we’re out and about in hard hats and on the phone. 

We tour all our offices in Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire to promote the many benefits of new homes to the wider teams and to sniff out new opportunities for land.

In the last two months since joining, I have found that Henry Adams is made up of an incredibly proactive bunch of people. 

This company is far better at marketing new homes - and hitting those sales targets - than anyone outside this department really knows…until now. 

If you’d like to find out more about what makes Henry Adams New Homes surprisingly different, get in touch. 

Let us show you how we can turn our powerful marketing spotlight onto your next development. 

Martin Leggett


01243 521833


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