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  • 6 ways to add personality to a new-build property

29 July 2019

One of the many advantages of buying a beautifully finished new-build home is the fact that you have the opportunity to inject your own personality and style in to your décor with very little work and budget required on your behalf. 

With everything freshly decorated, fixtures and fittings already fitted and every room a blank canvas, it’s time to start making exciting plans and think about how you can put your own stamp on the property and create your dream home. A favourite piece here and a decorative touch there and suddenly, your new home will feel like your own.

Check out these 6 tips to make your new-build home, truly feel like home:

Plan your style
It’s a good idea while your new-build home is going through it’s ‘settling’ period to start researching and planning your décor. Create mood boards, think colour schemes and spend time being inspired on sites such as Pinterest, Houzz and even Instagram (the hashtag #interiordesign is definitely one to search for). Ask the experts for help on how best to use your space, search for statement pieces of furniture or simply play around with colours, fabrics and textures to create the perfect style for each room.

It’s not all about a fresh lick of paint
One of the great advantages of buying a new-build home is that you don’t have to get the paint brush out straight away. With everything freshly decorated, why not think about adding colour and texture to your room in other ways. Add personality with colourful cushions, bedding, throws and rugs – you’ll be amazed at what a difference a splash of colour can make. 

Add personal touches
Sometimes it’s the little things around the house that will make the biggest difference to how a room looks and more importantly how it makes you feel. Add decorative trinkets that you’ve gathered along the way and that hold personal memories on to shelves or sideboards. Ensure you have your favourite framed photos of friends and family around the place to make your home feel more inviting and even a simple vase of freshly cut flowers can add a personal touch.

Use vibrant colours
By introducing one strong colour into a neutral room, either through paint, wallpaper, furniture or fabric it will instantly lift and add personality to a room. Just remember, the general rule is that darker colours create a warm and cosy space, but can often make a space seem smaller, while paler, lighter colours reflect the light and can make rooms appear more spacious.

Dress your windows
Add a little character to your rooms with a perfectly dressed window, that is not only visually pleasing on the eye, but also practical in its everyday use. Curtains, blinds or shutters can have a huge impact on a room, filtering sunlight, adding warmth and delivering privacy, all while being beautiful additions to the room. 

Landscape your garden
Just like the interior of your new-build home, your garden and outside space are also a blank canvas that you can customise and make your own. It’s a great idea to live in your new-build property and think how you might want to use the garden and also monitor where the sunniest spots are and where you might need some extra privacy. A true garden will take years to mature, so while the greenery is growing think about short-term fixes such as painting fences and getting lots of potted plants to add colour and bring your garden to life. If you have any budget left over it’s a great idea to invest in a professional landscaper or garden designer to really show you how best to make use of the space, you have.

We hope these tips inspire you and act as a guide if you’re about to decorate your new-build home. The most important thing to remember is to enjoy the process and to decorate your space with the things that are valuable to you, remind you of good times or things you just love – it’s now time to enjoy your home!



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